White Sage & Yellow Flowers (includes Tigers Eye)


Solar Plexus

White Sage neutralises negative energy and cleanses the vibrational environment for optimal living. Yellow flowers activate the solar plexus chakra.

Tigers Eye: Vitality – Practicality – Physical Action

Included in the bag is Tigers Eye which has the power to focus the mind in a way that simple solutions can be found to any of life’s problems. It is a stone of mental clarity, intellect and logic. It helps build confidence and well-being. Particularly good for kids to have in the pocket for school, exams, etc.

It aligns with the root solar plexus chakra, assisting one to take effective action while remaining grounded, calm and centered. It is excellent for mediators, lawyers and anyone going through difficult negotiations as it stimulates a willingness to find common ground. Tigers eye helps one make choices based on discernment, not judgment, in line with what one’s higher self is nstructing.

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