Ted – Tigers Eye Crystal


Ted – Tigers Eye Crystal

Ted is first and foremost a crystal of action, vitality, and practicality. He helps Duke see what needs to be done and gives him the confidence to do it. This crystal can clear away the mugginess of brain fog and help the wearer focus on the task at hand so Ted truly is an ally to Duke as he needs to make many decisions along the way. Ted steps in to aid Duke when he is getting fatigued and he gives him the gentle push he needs to carry on, even when he thinks he can’t. Ted syncs his vibration really well with MalaKai to provide double the energy and power when needed.

Description on Card Reads:



When Duke gets nervous in ‘Beneath The Visible’ he holds his trusted Tigers Eye stone in his hand and it calms his mind and helps him get his confidence back.

After all, who wouldn’t feel confident with this eight-foot tiger walking beside them?

Tigers Eye can help you stay focussed and help your mind think clearly.

It can help you to stop dilly-dallying and take action if you need to.

Hold it in your hand, keep it in your pocket and let it help you be who you really are.

The bag comes with between 1-4 crystals depending on the size available, an illustrated card with the crystal and its use.


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