Rose Quartz Crystal – Fro’Ro


Fro’Ro – Rose Quartz Crystal

She is the personification of the rose quartz crystal and represents all things that are love. Think of the person you love most in the world, a child, parent, family member, or friend. Feel that warm loving sensation in your heart, how it evokes the cozy warmth of home because home is where the heart is. This is what Fro’Ro does, she helps you get in touch with your heart space, and when we live from that place we live a happy and fulfilled life. Historically this crystal has been represented by a twee, tiny pink fairy. Not so in Beneath The Visible. This book is modern and relevant. Our Rose Quartz crystal is a sassy, opinionated black chic with a stupendous shiny pink afro, hence her name. She sports jewel-encrusted cowboy boots, a satin pink hoodie, and aviator shades and she means business. When you have Fro’Ro in your corner you will always feel the love, especially for yourself. She is the main guide to Willow and we see her lead, advise and soothe as the adventures take their toll on our female lead.  Fro’Ro helps heal the heart. Her soothing loving vibes calm Willow. She dispels fear and suspicion and aids in the rebirth of hope and faith in the benevolence of the Universe.

Each bag contains between 1-6 crystals depending on the size of the crystal and availability when ordering.

If the stones are small then we will put more in each bag.

Each pack comes with an illustrated card: The description on the card reads:




Fro’Ro is the stone of love.

Hold it in your hand, keep it in your pocket or under your pillow and let the soothing loving vibes wash over you.

Fro’Ro helps Willow in ‘Beneath The Visible’ when she is feeling alone and unloved, which of course she never is but with the help of this crystal, Willow remembers how much she really is loved by her family, friends and of course herself.



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