Mala-Kai – Malachite Crystal


Mala-Kai – Malachite Crystal

He is the crystal of enlightened leadership. He wields his protection from psychic attacks and unseen dark energies. MalaKai and Mahpee work in harmony for physical energy and protection. He instills confidence in both Duke and Willow and exemplifies self-responsibility while enhancing the manifestation of their dreams and visions.

MalaKai reminds us that we are co-creators in this world and that the possibilities for our own creations are endless. He helps Duke and Willow recognize their own power and use it in a constructive and imaginative manner. This crystal is one of the most important stones for protection from negative energies. Thus Mala-Kai can permeate our energetic shell and infuse our aura with positivity. He enhances our psychic radar and allows humans to sense the presence of danger. His psychic shield can offer a kind of invisibility to humans where they are invisible to evil forces. Mala-Kai and Ted are great allies just like the crystals of Malachite and Tigers Eye work in harmony to increase vibration and aid in protection from negative energies.

Bag contains an illustrated card with the following description:





Mala-Kai helps Duke and Willow in ‘Beneath The Visible’ to stay out of trouble. He uses his magic ‘cloak of invisibility to shield them from dodgy vibes that come their way.

This crystal is the stone of the leader so if you are in a position where you have to make decisions for others then hold this stone in your hand, meditate, keep it in your pocket and it will gently help you stay protected, grounded and choose the right path.

Each bag contains a pendant of the stone which can be worn or used in the same way any loose stone is used.


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