Mahpee – Turquoise Crystal


Mahpee – Turquoise Crystal

This is the turquoise crystal and represents truth, wholeness, balance, serenity, and peace. Mahpee means sky is Sioux and he seldom speaks but when he does everyone listens. He has a quiet strength that underpins his character. We weave threads of the Native American tradition into the story through our turquoise character, tropes of connection to Mother Earth, honoring our ancestors, listening to our heart, etc are embraced through this crystal that is fundamental to the Native American culture. The crystal turquoise combines the water, wind, fire, and earth energies thereby containing the unity of the storm element. This means that the character of Mahpee enables the humans to look at the disparate parts of themselves and weave them together. He teaches them to embrace all parts of themselves and not hide away from those bits of their inner world that they find uncomfortable.

Each bag contains between 1-5 crystals depending on size and availability.

Each bag contains an illustrated card with the following description:





In ‘Beneath The Visible’, our turquoise crystal, Mahpee, helps Duke and Willow use their words to speak their truth, say what they mean and helps them to communicate what they need to say. This stone also helps you find an inner peace where waves of calm can wash over you.

Hold it in your hand, keep it in your pocket or put it under your pillow and let the gentle vibes of Mahpee help you find your truth and feel safe and peaceful.


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