Dream Crystal Healing Bag


We all have dreams, goals, and aspirations. Things we want, places we’d like to go, people, we’d like to see. You are the one who can manifest these things. The dream crystal bag can assist you in reaching those goals. Each reusable organza bag holds four polished stones and an information card that will start you on the path to your dreams. All dreams are attainable. Get started on your dreams today. Don’t forget your friends and family have dreams too!

Crystals In the Bag:

Tigers Eye: Balance, Discernment, Vitality, Strength, Practicality, Fairness.

Aventurine: Vitality, Growth, Confidence.

Dalmation Jasper: Playfulness, Balance, Overcomes Negative Emotions.

Red and Brown Jasper: Earth Stones, Nurturing, Healing, Protection.

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