Beneath the Visible


Duke is an adopted 14-year-old boy and apart from having a different skin colour to his sister, he is otherwise leading an uneventful life. That is until one day an eight-foot crystal tiger begins appearing beside his bed. He shrugs off the visions at first but when they become a regular occurrence he confides in his older sister Willow.

Once she knows the secret the same thing starts to happen to her, except she is seeing a giant pink African American crystal lady, called Fro’Ro.

Unseen beings now surround them, claiming they the teens have a mission to fulfil. Struggling to understand exactly what they are seeing, the siblings’ lives are completely upended. Duke and Willow must use every bit of their ingenuity if they are to survive long enough to discover the truth of their visions and evade the deathly malevolent energy trying to stop them.

Beneath the Visible takes two teenagers on a journey through a vast world neither of them fully understand. They are forced to challenge social norms as they struggle to discover the truth of what has happened to them; what exactly the strange crystal beings want from them, and what message do they wish to impart. One thing is certain, neither teenager will ever be the same again.


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