What is the secret enticing two teenagers to risk life and limb and travel the world in search of something so hidden that it takes not just their courage and faith, but the help of beings unseen to others?

And what is behind the dark force that is hell-bent on destroying them before they reach their final destination? How is it all related to the energetic powers of planet Earth and our very souls? Beneath the Visible buckles you into a fantastic coming-of-age, helter-skelter ride across the globe taking in, Ireland, New Zealand, Japan, America and beyond into other-worldly realms.

It is a colourful, meticulously detailed story which not only entertains, but excites, examines and tests what we sense and believe to be true. It challenges our ethical and emotional view of the world we live in and gets to the root of what we are all truly here to become.




Duke is 14 years old and the protagonist of our story. We see him wrestle with the fate that has befallen him and he is an unwilling hero. He is dark-skinned and adopted to an Irish family but only his sister and Mum are still living.

He has an innate ability to be intuitive but just how strong his powers only become apparent after the activation of the first crystal skull. The trope of being an outsider and being different is weaved through his story as we see him accept what he has to do in order for humanity to ascend to the next dimension. He is smart, funny but with an inner vulnerability that he covers up with humor.

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