Blog 9 – Cycling the ‘Meanway’ in Dungarvan

The close of the summer holidays saw myself, my friend and my two delightful teens go to Dungarvan for a few nights R n R. It was a mini-break just before school started. We had a few activities planned, a girl’s trip to Cork on one of the mornings, sea swimming was on the list […]

Blog 8 – The Thought Tirade

Another sleepless night: The thoughts fell to the cold, hard tile floor, on the pantheon of my mind. They sat dazed and confused, rubbing their bruised behinds. This is what happens when they try all at once to gain access to my consciousness. Too many thoughts spoil the sleep, I mused ruefully. I see them, […]

Blog 7 – What’s The rush???

Over Easter, my kids went to their Dad for a few days so unlike any normal human, who may decide to indulge in a little ‘me’ time, sans kids, I took to the paintbrush. ‘How very Gaugin of you’ I hear you say, but no, not the aesthetic type of paintbrush, it was the roller […]

Blog 6-Home-schooling: Heaven or Hell

I sat happily at my desk yesterday, lost in the ‘to do’ list of a self-publishing magnate when my 14 yr. old son appears beside me like an apparition from Great Expectations. He stood, dressed, or not dressed, depending on your viewpoint, in a moldy, grey, smelly, homeless old man dressing gown. Where it came […]

Blog 5-On grief and grieving

Yesterday began with a routine visit to the vet for my dear old moggy. He was 19 years old and was looking the worst for wear so I decided to get him checked out. He had lost a lot of weight and his coat was looking scruffy. In the daily thrust of lockdown normality, it […]

Blog 4 – Reframing into gratitude

So having had a wonderfully productive day, moving my business forward, getting my word count in, keeping the kids alive, I hit the sack early and had little trouble falling asleep. An hour later I was woken up by my daughter, informing me that a mysterious something lay dormant under her bed. I was not […]

Blog 3 – The importance of kindness to yourself

I have just had four days with no kids. They went to their Dad. I intended to embark on a head-relieving, bliss-filled, wine-fuelled, Netflix gorging, Liz pleasing long weekend of pleasure and calm in the face of a KFZ (Kid-Free Zone). That was the intention. The reality was somewhat different. I did have some wine […]

Blog 2 – Another one for the Mams

I consider myself a mild-mannered, even-tempered, relatively well-balanced mother of two teens. However yesterday my son asked me why I had turned into a screaming banshee who seemed intent on ruining his life. I was. He had a day off from school and I couldn’t rip him from the cesspit that is his bed. It […]

Blog 1…Blogging with my ‘L’ plates on

I’m 51 but I need to reverse my numerical’s and channel my inner 15 year old. I have to get in touch with my inner narcissist: the one who believes that my life is actually that interesting. I have to dig deep into the well of ego and pull out every drop of self-belief in […]

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