What is the secret enticing two teenagers to risk life and limb and travel the world in search of something so hidden that it takes not just their courage and faith, but the help of beings unseen to others?

And what is behind the dark force that is hell-bent on destroying them before they reach their final destination? How is it all related to the energetic powers of planet Earth and our very souls? Beneath the Visible buckles you into a fantastic coming-of-age, helter-skelter ride across the globe taking in, Ireland, New Zealand, Japan, America and beyond into other-worldly realms.

It is a colourful, meticulously detailed story which not only entertains, but excites, examines and tests what we sense and believe to be true. It challenges our ethical and emotional view of the world we live in and gets to the root of what we are all truly here to become.

Duke, Willow, their crystal allies, and their loveable Uncle Brownie, embark on an adventure beginning in Ireland, taking in New Zealand, Japan, and finishing in America. Beneath The Visible takes you on a tumultuous ride both here on the 3D earth plane and into otherworldly realms.

It is an exciting, fast-paced, adventure, fantasy novel, that catapults the reader into questioning our ethical and emotional world view and examining what really does lie Beneath The Visible.

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  • -teen action-adventure
  • -young adult fantasy fiction
  • -coming of age
  • -crystals
  • -paranormal
  • -dragons
  • -urban fantasy
  • -environmental
  • -wellness
  • -mythological
  • -fairy/fae
  • -spiritual
  • -metaphysical fantasy

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Duke is 14 years old and the protagonist of our story. We see him wrestle with the fate that has befallen him and he is an unwilling hero. He is dark-skinned and adopted to an Irish family but only his sister and Mum are still living.

He has an innate ability to be intuitive but just how strong his powers only become apparent after the activation of the first crystal skull. The trope of being an outsider and being different is weaved through his story as we see him accept what he has to do in order for humanity to ascend to the next dimension. He is smart, funny but with an inner vulnerability that he covers up with humor.

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Willow is the older sister of our hero and as the story unfolds it becomes apparent that she is equally in line for hero status as themes of the Divine Feminine emerge.  She is 18 years old and so assumes the role of an adult in the travels of the siblings. We see her conflicted within herself as she knows the journey that must be undertaken but fears for the safety of her younger brother. Although they bicker and poke fun at each other, there is an underlying bond between both siblings that won’t be broken by fate, evil forces or any of the myriad of creatures they encounter along the way.

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The Cast of Crystals

The crystal characters act as invisible guides to our humans but can only be seen by those with the sight to see beyond the veil of the rational world. They are personified in the story so we learn how the gems and rocks can help us in our daily lives. We see how their innate properties can help guide, soothe, enlighten and protect us. 



She is the personification of the rose quartz crystal and represents all things that are love. Think of the person you love most in the world, a child, parent, family member or friend. Feel that warm loving sensation in your heart, how it evokes the cosy warmth of home because home is where the heart is. This is what Fro’Ro does, she helps you get in touch with your heart space, and when we live from that place we live a happy and fulfilled life. Historically this crystal has been represented by a twee, tiny pink fairy. Not so in Beneath The Visible. This book is modern and relevant. Our Rose Quartz crystal is a sassy, opinionated black chic with a stupendous shiny pink afro, hence her name. She sports jewel encrusted cowboy boots, a satin pink hoodie, and aviator shades and she means business. When you have Fro’Ro in your corner you will always feel the love, especially for yourself. She is the main guide to Willow and we see her lead, advise and soothe as the adventures take their toll on our female lead.  Fro’Ro helps heal the heart. Her soothing loving vibes calm Willow. She dispels fear and suspicion and aids in the rebirth of hope and faith in the benevolence of the Universe.



This is the turquoise crystal and represents truth, wholeness, balance, serenity, and peace. Mahpee means sky is Sioux and he seldom speaks but when he does everyone listens. He has a quiet strength that underpins his character. We weave threads of the Native American tradition into the story through our turquoise character, tropes of connection to Mother Earth, honoring our ancestors, listening to our heart, etc are embraced through this crystal that is fundamental to the Native American culture. The crystal turquoise combines the water, wind, fire, and earth energies thereby containing the unity of the storm element. This means that the character of Mahpee enables the humans to look at the disparate parts of themselves and weave them together. He teaches them to embrace all parts of themselves and not hide away from those bit of their inner world that they find uncomfortable.

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Ted is first and foremost a crystal of action, vitality, and practicality. He helps Duke see what needs to be done and gives him the confidence to do it. This crystal can clear away the mugginess of brain fog and help the wearer focus on the task at hand so Ted truly is an ally to Duke as he needs to make many decisions along the way. Ted steps in to aid Duke when he is getting fatigued and he gives him the gentle push he needs to carry on, even when he thinks he can't. Ted syncs his vibration really well with MalaKai to provide double the energy and power when its needed.

This is the malachite crystal from my book, personified into the Mala-Kai character


He is the crystal of enlightened leadership. He wields his protection from psychic attacks and unseen dark energies. MalaKai and Mahpee work in harmony for physical energy and protection. He instills confidence in both Duke and Willow and exemplifies self-responsibility while enhancing the manifestation of their dreams and visions.

MalaKai reminds us that we are co-creators in this world and that the possibilities for our own creations are endless. He helps Duke and Willow recognize their own power and use it in a constructive and imaginative manner. This crystal is one of the most important stones for protection from negative energies. Thus Mala-Kai can permeate our energetic shell and infuse our aura with positivity. He enhances our psychic radar and allows humans to sense the presence of danger. His psychic shield can offer a kind of invisibility to humans where they are invisible to evil forces. Mala-Kai and Ted are great allies just like the crystals of Malachite and Tigers Eye work in harmony to increase vibration and aid in protection from negative energies.

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